About Café Rallaren

Photo: Paul Edmundson/Flåm AS

Photo: Paul Edmundson/Flåm AS

Café Rallaren is located 867 metres above sea level at Myrdal Station at the peak of the world famous Flåm Railway.


Our café is open from April 1st to the end of October.

We offer both hot and cold meals and are able to serve groups up to 45 people. Get an overview of the many wonderful dishes we serve by taking a look at our menu.

Souvenir shop

Café Rallaren has a souvenir shop with an assorted selection of souvenirs. We sell and jackets, hats, gloves, etc

Bike rental

We welcome our customers to our bike rental shop from June 1st to September 30th. If you are seeking beautiful nature and an incredible experience, we recommend biking from Myrdal station to Flåm station.

Experience Rallarvegen (Navvies’ Road) and book a bike today.

Take away lunch

We recommend our «take-away lunch» that you can enjoy while taking in the mesmerizing Norwegian nature.

We also offer luggage storage for our customers.